v3.5.3 released

v3.5.3 brings for both, IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress some minor fixes. Additionally, makeuptalk has sponsored a new widget for IPBWI for WordPress allowing to show latest posts from forum. Please be aware that this widget could slow down your WordPress site significantly if you have thousands of posts – so you may want to cache this widget.

Posted on by Matthias Reuter

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  1. awesome to see new development on this great plugin that I'm using!


    is there an exact changelog somewhere btw?


    And.. I was wondering.. do you have a built-in feature for spoofing a user? IE "becoming" another user as an admin for testing purposes when trying to reproduce a problem described by a user.


    I know in the IP.Board admin panel youi can "log in as" so maybe you have this already.



  2. Hi Vesper,


    big thanks for your feedback! Changes were made with adding the new widget and really minor bugfixes in IPBWI's API code only.


    Spoofing is a great feature for testing, but it's currently not planned, nevertheless, I've already implemented that in custom code for my customers (e.g. for special code to fit their SSO requirements). I'm not hiding any knowledge, so if you are good in PHP, this function in WordPress will help you developing your own spoof feature in WordPress: http://codex.wordpre...set_auth_cookie


    Kind regards,



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