Company Vacation

Attention: Please note our company vacation from 23th of December 2016 until 16th of January 2017. Support during that time will be limited, we apologize for any inconvencience.

Extensions store launched

IPBWI has launched two new extensions on store: IPBWI4WP – IPS User to WordPress Import IPBWI4WP – IP.pages to WordPress Import

IPBWI for WordPress released

IPBWI for WordPress v4 is available now! Get the best SSO experience ever made between IP.board and WordPress. Available now on IPS marketplace.

v4 development diary #2

Compared with IPBWI for WordPress v3, the new SSO technology in v4 will allow you flawless, multi-cross-domain single sign on between several IP.board- and WordPress installations. Several hours are invested to stop bother you with decisions on which setting could be the best for your sitation. Just insert Base URL of your master IP.board installation plus the API Key and you are done. Additionally, if there is anything not working, we give advanced and good error- and status messages to […]

v4 development diary #1

While IP.board’s sourcecode is very well designed and just flawless, there is actually nearly no documentation if you compare it with other software like WordPress codex.   That’s both satisfying and frustrating. And while I’m really annoyed due to the lack of documentation, it’s everytime a great experience, when after hours of experimenting and gathering for the right interface, a way has been found, to fulfill a task on a perfect, elegant way as it could be intended the ideal […]

IPBWI-API v4.0.1 released!

New Features: list member groups member groups info update member group create new member group delete member group Get IP.board Single Sign On solution IPBWI API v4 now on IPS marketplace!

IPBWI for WordPress: second Sponsor found!

Grand merci Organisation Française des Psychologues spécialisés en Neuropsychologie for sponsoring development of IPBWI for WordPress! Sticking together with AQNP, these non-profit organizations just help to build the new IPBWI for WordPress v4 single sign on solution for IP.board 4. That’s awesome! This speeds up development time drastically.

IPBWI for WordPress: Sponsor found!

Merci beaucoup Association québécoise des neuropsychologues for sponsoring development of IPBWI for WordPress! This is the very needed jumpstart to allow development of IPBWI for WordPress plugin within a far shorter time than expected.

IPBWI-API v4.0.0 released!

Thanks to the new Sponsor of IPBWI-API, the IPBWI API v4 has been released in a very early stage now on IPS marketplace: IPBWI IP.board Single Sign On SSO API This is great for those PHP developers out there: Build you own PHP applications connected to IP.board. Expect massive feature updates within next two months. While IPBWI for WordPress is still planned, without a sponsor here yet I cannot announce an ETA yet, but I’m still on discussions with possible […]