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Single Sign on – a short explanation

SSO can be as complex or simple like any project. But to put it into one sentence:

SSO means that users share the same login credentials on different sites. 

Better integration additionally allow simultaneous logins on different systems, as well as logouts, account creations and deletions.

Highgrade integration solutions go much further and allow data exchange between both systems, e.g. topics, discussions, private messages, groups etc.

Single Sign On with IPS Community Suite 4

IPS Community Suite 4 is a leading community software made by Invisionpower. If you want to get your site upgraded with a vibrant community, you should give your best to integrate that community into your site network as best as possible. IPBWI will allow you to integrate as many sites as „slaves“ into your master community. Additionally, IPS allows to integrate different IPS based communities as slaves to your master community.

That allows you to build an ecosystem of unlimited sites and communities sharing the same login credentials as well as logging in all users to all sites and communities with one single action.

Technical Specification

SSO based on IPS Connect registers all IPBWI powered apps as slaves to the IPS Community Suite Master. Once a user is logging into any slave or the master, the user will be redirected and logged into all connected slaves and the master. IPBWI API allows you to handle all requests made from and to a slave. Additionally, IPBWI API allows you to interact (get/set data) with IPS community suite to allow full integration.

Our Service

We are offering all tools you need as API or as WordPress plugin. IPS Community Suite, IPBWI API and IPBWI for WordPress plugin allow extensions to allow you to reach your targets on your own by saving much time avoiding re-inventing the wheel.

For enterprises we are offering SSO integration on a full service level, including individual concepting, project management, interface design, PHP and HTML/CSS/JS frontend development. If you are interested in hiring us, just contact us.