v4 development diary #1

While IP.board’s sourcecode is very well designed and just flawless, there is actually nearly no documentation if you compare it with other software like WordPress codex.
That’s both satisfying and frustrating. And while I’m really annoyed due to the lack of documentation, it’s everytime a great experience, when after hours of experimenting and gathering for the right interface, a way has been found, to fulfill a task on a perfect, elegant way as it could be intended the ideal way by IPS.
So bad, there is no written doc for the ideal way, so I have to find it by my own. But while IPBWI v3 had to struggle with some annoying bugs for long time, these will be avoided in IPBWI v4 due to following the coding practice of IPS.
One example: I’m currently working on handling reports feature through IPBWI v4 API. This could be done manually through some MySQL commands more than easy. But this wouldn’t be update-save and would result in doubled code snippets. How ugly. So I rather invest two days instead of two hours, to get the very best result out of this module.
That’s the reason for the heavy price tag for API and later for WordPress plugin, too. You’ll get a piece of software that has been developed on enterprise level, working completely flawless and not kinda sort of.
IPBWI v4: that’s a software which could run a million dollar business for you or just enhance your neighborhood community – IPBWI v4 API makes no difference here, but will always deliver the best interface possible for your project.