v4 development diary #2

IPBWI for WordPress SSO Settings

Compared with IPBWI for WordPress v3, the new SSO technology in v4 will allow you flawless, multi-cross-domain single sign on between several IP.board- and WordPress installations. Several hours are invested to stop bother you with decisions on which setting could be the best for your sitation. Just insert Base URL of your master IP.board installation plus the API Key and you are done. Additionally, if there is anything not working, we give advanced and good error- and status messages to allow solving any issues way faster than anytime before.

There will be self-repairing functions to detect and fix any configuration issues on any level – even user account level – to avoid any “non reproducable” issues.

Thanks to IP.board 4 and IPBWI for WordPress v4, it was never so easy before to establish complex SSO connections on an updatesave, secure way with maximum performance.