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v3.6.6 released

There are some bugs in member creation fixed in both, IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress. Additionally, there is full Wishlist Member support provided now. Please read FAQ section for more information. Customer Download Updated Demo

v3.6.5 released

Important security update for both, IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress! This release fixes a possible SQL injection vulnerability. Customer Download Updated Demo Big thanks to the game mods community reporting this bug!  

v3.6.4 released

IPBWI for WordPress compatibility improved for Magic Members, pilotPress and Jawards addons. See conflicts page for further information.

v3.6.3 released

Both, IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress 3.6.3 brings several small bugfixes, solving: cookie path issues when IPB and/or WP are installed in subdirectories internal login method settings of IPB cannot be read properly deleting members didn’t output correct error code several minor issues Demo is available Download for Customers

v3.6.2 released

Both releases, IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress, contain several minor bugfixes.

v3.6.1 released

IPBWI for WordPress 3.6.1 brings two bugfixes: blank error screen on forum’s site fixed login state synchronization improvement Demo is available Download for Customers

v3.6.0 released

Both, IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress got a massive feature update! Thanks to circleofdocs, chiropractors community, I’m supporting in web programming, the following features were made possible: IPBWI tons of bugfixes IP.downloads support get viewable Downloads get Categories List Get list of Downloads IP.calendar get viewable Calendars get list of Calendars get list of Calendar Entries IPBWI for WordPress tons of bugfixes IP.downloads support Widget: Show latest Downloads IP.calendar support: Widget: Show latest Calendar Entries New Feature: Select Destination Forum for Discussion Topics individually […]

v3.5.4 released

IPBWI has got fixed several bugs in topic edit feature (thanks to vesper for reporting). IPBWI for WordPress brings advanced caching feature for latest posts feature allowing to renew cache via cronjob.

v3.5.3 released

v3.5.3 brings for both, IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress some minor fixes. Additionally, makeuptalk has sponsored a new widget for IPBWI for WordPress allowing to show latest posts from forum. Please be aware that this widget could slow down your WordPress site significantly if you have thousands of posts – so you may want to cache this widget.