Premium Hosting

We are specialized in communities, our hosting is located in Nürnberg / Germany with high speed peerings. This offer is for users of IPBWI or IPBWI for WordPress only and gives you the ideal hosting environment for your community and your websites.

Special Deal for our customers:

for  just 149 EUR / year. That’s an 115 EUR discount!

Webhosting Business Starter

We have only one default package which should fit all your needs for a low or semi frequented Website. If you’ll feel to reach the limits in this package, we are offering individual upgrades that exactly fit your needs.

payment period: yearly

As our customers come from all over the world, the domainprices are extra and there is no domain included in the package above.

Domain prices

These yearly domain prices are for our webhosting clients only. Please ask us for prices for a top-level-domain if it’s not listed here.

  • .com/.net/.org/.info: 15,90 €
  • .eu: 9,90 €
  • .de: 7,90 €
  • .at: 19,90 €


  • Level 3 Communications: 120 GBit/s
  • DE-CIX (Frankfurt): 40 GBit/s
  • De-CIX (über Dritte): 40 GBit/s
  • N-IX (Nürnberg): 20 GBit/s
  • Deutsche Telekom AG: 20 GBit/s
  • AMS-IX (Amsterdam): 10 GBit/s
  • V-IX (Wien): 10 GBit/s
  • LINX (London): 10 GBit/s
  • SWISS-IX (Schweiz): 10 GBit/s
  • diverse private Peerings: über 130 GBit/s

sum: 420 GBit/s Fullduplex

Value Added Tax

Germany: prices + 19% VAT

Europe: prices + 19% VAT if you have no VAT ID

World: no VAT

Setup Fee / Hidden Costs

There are NO setup fees and NO hidden costs. If you reach the traffic limit, we will not deactivate your website. Every extra GB Traffic costs 0,19 EUR. That’s all. You can cancel hosting-subscription yearly at least 1 month before renewal.

Prohibited Content

Nothing illegal from German Law. Additionally no cracks, warez, xxx or any kind of black hat hacking. Just ask yourself: Would you show your mother the content of your website? If you can totally agree, we are fine. If you are unsure, please ask us directly. This guideline brings benefit to all hosting users for a good neighborhood (even in Google’s ranking!).

6 reasons why your website could get offline

To be honest: We give our best to provide 100% connectivity for your website. But there are some reasons why your website could be offline. These are the same reasons why other hosting provider could have a downtime, but we are talking about it:

  1. Content is against law or against our guideline.
  2. Your scripts or traffic peaks totally nuke out the normally overpowered server.
  3. Server crashed due a hardware/software failure even though there’s a team maintenancing the server regulary.
  4. Routing issues
  5. Maintenance work  / patches / updates on server
  6. You don’t pay your bills

We always try to inform you first and give you time to react before turning your site offline.

Is there a way to get this package cheaper?

No. We don’t want to get in hall of fame for cheapest prices on the world, instead we want to offer great services to great customers. This package is made for customers of IPBWI / IPBWI for WordPress to provide them the best environment for their communities.