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Discounted Services

#1 IPBWI installation

You want to start coding with IPBWI, but need help to get live examples work? Just order this package and I’ll install IPBWI including working live examples on your server. Most people even with basic PHP skills need to get a jump start to make first own steps with IPBWI. This service is very cheap: I’ll help you with the first step: working live examples on your server. After that it should be quite easy for you to see how IPBWI works and to make own applications based on live example’s code.

#2 IPBWI for WordPress installation

You’ve buyed IPBWI for wordpress or plan to buy a license? You want to get the plugin installed on your wordpress-installation with working single sign on? I can do this for you and you’ll wonder how smooth it will work. Invest your rare time to produce content for your website – I’ll do the technical stuff for you to ensure that your IP.board community is well connected and synced to your wordpress-based website.

IPBWI for WordPress has license costs of 35 EUR which need to be payed if you haven’t already got a license. IPBWI for WordPress requires Ion Cube Loader installed on your webserver.

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“We asked Matthias for installing his interface in our project Matthias was poised to do this immediately. He even extended his interface to meet our needs (latest images, image of the day, …). The interface is now running for about 5 months and we don’t have any problems (even though there are over 10.000 registered users ). In one word: perfect.

Alexander Schuster, Project Director of Figge Schuster Agency

“Matthias has done a wonderful job on my site. Showing his best part of being the ipbwi professional, I even requested a block that was never done before. He a has take his time to fill in my request. I am very happy with the end result, and I am looking forward to the next generation of IPBWI. Any one who has the ability to become a sponsor, I would say: do it. IPBWI is a great mod and support is great, too.”

John, owner of

“Matthias is very knowledgeable in PHP and obviously an IPBWI expert. Matthias provided very professional work for ProProfs by providing us API extensions and help to us use IPB based authentication & avatar system throughout our website seamlessly. His passion and deep knowledge are reflected in the quality of his work! Much recommended as PHP developer and IPBWI expert!”

Sameer Bhatia, founder and president of

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